Socially engaged art

This page is under construction…but please, have a look at few photos I have uploaded

2017, 2018, 2019 Finland, ISEAS International Socially Engaged Art Symposium: Artist and curator

2018 Naples, International socially engaged art symposium curator Fabio Cito. I was invited to work with children with community art methods. I did two art works, one was performative art happening with food were the final result was piece of photograph exhibit in the art exhibition. The other one was collective painting with the idea of what I love and what makes me happy.

2016 Italy, Naples”Self Portrait” with people from Scampia, curator Fabio Cito. I was invited to work with children. I created photograph session where children were photographing each others and then result was done with cyanotuphic to cloth. I did the final art piece.

2016 India, Goa “ Dancing Baby”. This socially engaged artwork was done and created together with my friends who has lived in Goa many years. Our goal was to develope shared knowledge trought art; how rubbish is affecting in our envroment. We invited school children to join to create huge dancing baby statue we did out of trash what we found from the beach. People who passing by could read info we created about the facts what pollution does to our environment.

2016 Meltola, “self portraits” with refugees

2013 Installation with kids of Scampia to street of Naples

2010 Community art with Mustio School, outdoors exhibition in the Mustio center

2010 Seinäjoki Arthall, ecological painting session with 8-class students

2009 “Thymespiral” Turku, Fluxations, environment art exhibition at Museum of Wäinö Aaltonen

2009 Library of Mustio wall paintings with children

2009 “Summer Light”, a growing installation at Salo summer exhibition of Salo artist society

2009 “Finnish Families”, community art project with school children, exhibition at Galleria Fokus

2009 “Whos Park?” Birdhouses at Turku Sports park

2008 Mustio, creative art in nature